The Methodist Publishing House

A History, Volume I - From Its Beginnings to 1870

By Cokesbury
Book - Paperback
The Methodist Publishing House
Paperback ISBN: 9780687267002
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Published June 1968

Drawing its information almost entirely from primary sources, this book details the story of the first 100 years of American Methodist publishing in the context of the events of American history. Often the quotations themselves--from early newspapers, private papers, journals, and business documents--tell the story of this denominational enterprise as it affected and was affected by American history from the colonial period through the Civil War.


The book deals with three Methodist publishing programs headquartered in New York City, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Nashville, and San Francisco. It includes information about books published, editorial policies, manufacturing methods, sales techniques, and personalities of the people who directed the publishing programs. It is illustrated with extensive quotations from source materials and with contemporaneous paintings, drawings, and engravings.

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