Pastoral Leadership

A Handbook of Resources for Effective Congregational Leadership

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Pastoral Leadership
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Published March 2001

This comprehensive problem-solving reference for pastors provides theological foundations and experience-tested techniques for effective clergy leadership.

Robert D. Dale offers insight into the dynamics of clergy management by placing leadership into a congregational context and stressing servanthood as the primary biblical leadership image. Following a discussion of the three critical dimensions of organizational effectiveness, Dale explores and critiques the four basic leadership styles: catalyst, commander, encourager, and hermit. Out of this background exploration, Dale discloses decision-making guidelines that have proved effective in helping clergy: resolve conflicts; lead churches through change; define the congregation's dream; budget resources effectively; manage meetings; build teams; and, motivate oneself and others.

Pastoral Leadership concludes with a unique look at the effects of clergy leadership on the pastor as a person, offering valuable insight into clergy spirituality, burnout, family demands, and career development. Notes, a bibliography, and review questions accompany each chapter.

About the Author

Robert D. Dale

Robert Dale, formerly a teacher at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, is Director of the Center for Creative Church Leadership Development, Virginia Baptist General Board, Richmond, Virginia. He has written fourteen books, including Pastoral Leadership and Leading Edge, plus more than two hundred articles.