The Pastor and the Patient

A Practical Guidebook for Hospital Visitation

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The Pastor and the Patient
Paperback ISBN: 9780687303526
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Published November 1992

After establishing a sound theological understanding of pastoral visitation, the authors examine the theological and ethical homework that the pastor must do as preparation for effectively doing hospital ministry. Concluding chapters deal with the patient's needs, the pastor's spiritual resources, the pastoral visit, and continued pastoral care after hospitalization.

Key Benefits: Helps pastors understand the hospital context/culture; Helps pastors deal with defense mechanisms of patients; Helps pastors recognize the healing functions of guiding, healing, and substaining; Helps pastors identify and utilize local resources within the hospital; Explains appropriate use of spiritual resources such as prayer, confession, and communion in the hospital sick room; Helps pastors and leaders to look inward at personal anxiety in the midst of illness

About the Authors

David L. Middleton

David Middleton is Director of Clinical Pastoral Education at Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, ILL.

Kent D. Richmond

Kent D. Richmond is Chaplain at Coronary Intensive Care. He is a frequent speaker for clergy retreats and pastor schools.