Philosophy and Theology

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Philosophy and Theology
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Published April 2006

A highly engaging essay that will draw students into a conversation about the vital relationship between philosophy and theology.

In this clear, concise, and brilliantly engaging essay, renowned philosopher and theologian John D. Caputo addresses the great and classical philosophical questions as they inextricably intersect with theology--past, present, and future. Recognized as one of the leading philosophers, Caputo is peerless in introducing and initiating students into the vital relationship that philosophy and theology share together. He writes, “If you take a long enough look, beyond the debates that divide philosophy and theology, over the walls that they have built to keep each other out or beyond the wars to subordinate one to the other, you find a common sense of awe, a common gasp of surprise or astonishment, like looking out at the endless sprawl of stars across the evening sky or upon the waves of a midnight sea.”

About the Author

John Caputo

John D. Caputo is Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion and Humanities at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York.