Jesus Christ for Youth Leader

Updated Edition

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Jesus Christ for Youth Leader
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Published July 2006

Guide your youth in their experience of meeting the Life Changer.

There is no doubt about it: Knowing Jesus changes lives. Jesus brings hope, joy, forgiveness, and purpose to our lives. We want those things for our youth too. More than 100,000 youth have encountered and deepend their relationship with the Master through Jesus Christ for Youth. Now, this classic has been updated for a new generation. Jesus Christ for Youth integrates the life of Jesus and its meaning for youth today. Through this resource, youth will meet Jesus Christ in a personal, meaningful, and life changing way and will immerse them in Jesus' life and teachings. Ideal for younger teens and those new to Christian study. Twenty-six sessions on Jesus' life and teachings.

Benefits for your youth:

  • Familiarity: Youth who go all the way through this resource will explore nearly all of the teachings and events of Jesus' life. The participants in this experience will become more familiar with the Life Changer and with their Bible. Each session includes Bible study, directly from the Gospels, of aspects of Jesus' life and teachings.
  • Connection: The resource helps connect Jesus' day with ours. You will find at least two choices in each time plan for linking the Scriptures with everyday life of teens. When the past has meaning for the present, youth see the relevance for their lives.
  • Invitation: Each chapter includes an invitation to your co-learners (and you) to experiment with Christian living in a new way. These invitations to commitment will help the youth better understand and know Christ and what following him means. The actions suggested are specific and doable; they are small steps on the big journey.
  • Community: Learning about Jesus Christ is important, but it is not enough. Ultimately, what changes lives is the integration of head, heart, and hands, with Christ at the center. One of his great gifts is the faith community, most frequently lived out as the church. As the Body of Christ, we love, support, and challenge one another in our faith journey and work in the world. While your teens are learning about Jesus, they are also experiencing Christian community. The activities in this resource are designed to encourage growing together spiritually as a community of faith.


The Growing Years
Visitors at the Manager
Visitors to the City
At the River
In the Desert

Calling the Disciples
At the Synagogue
Calling the Disciples

Jesus the Teacher
Model of a Disciple
The Secret of Worship
Finding the Kingdom

Jesus the Storyteller
The Loving Father
The Good Samaritan

Jesus and Others
Men and Women
The Wealthy
The Ill
The Disciples

The Identity of Jesus
Peter's Confession
The Transfiguration
I Am

The End of the Beginning
Palm Sunday
The Last Supper
The Trial and Crucifixion

The New Beginning
Jesus and Thomas
The Road to Emmaus
The Great Promise


About the Author

Robert Conn

Robert Conn has served the church as youth minister, Christian educator, campus minister, editor and writer of youth and adult materials, and professor of religion and philosophy.