Ultimately Responsible

When You're in Charge of Igniting a Ministry

By Sue Nilson Kibbey Published
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It's not your own noteworthy, public accomplishments that inspire and encourage those around you to run the race with excellence. It's the practical, moment-to-moment choices you make as their servant leader that God uses for spiritual growth and ministry deployment. Great leaders are willing to sacrifice ego, self-significance, and self-imagined importance in order to live downward into increasing effectiveness, no matter what it takes. It is the passionate, relentless commitment to learning this art that God uses to transform ordinary people into intentional leaders.

In Ultimately Responsible you'll find ideas and inspiration to help you:

  • Identify and maximize leadership strengths
  • Develop an intentional strategy for spiritual growth as a leader
  • Strategize and orchestrate a contagious ministry movement
  • Unleash unpaid servanthood, turning inactive pew-sitters into passionate servants
  • Effectively build and lead a paid or unpaid team
  • Overcome inertia anchors and lead successful ministry change
  • Create an intoxicating atmosphere of leadership credibility

The accompanying DVD includes worksheets to help unpack and apply each topic to your specific setting as well as short video stories that provide real-life illustrations of the principles you're learning. Chapter by chapter, you can train your whole team using the book and resources provided.


"I am excited by Ultimately Responsible and have recommended it to our district superintendents. We are trying to help clergy and lay teams be more strategic, so the tips on strategy are particularly helpful. Many clergy tend to be shepherding types who need strengthening in the areas of strategy and vision. Sue Nilson Kibbey offers practical insights to help leaders strike an effective balance."
Sally Dyck
United Methodist bishop, Minnesota Annual Conference

"The public has learned a hard lesson. Whenever the sign on the front lawn says 'everyone's a minister,' it really means 'nobody wants ultimate responsibility.' No wonder the public stays away! God needs someone to take ultimate responsibility for their acre in the mission field. That someone could be you. Your team could be the decisive link in God's plan. This book can help you become that leader, and your team could become that kind of a blessing ... if you are ready to accept ultimate responsibility."

Tom Bandy
president of Easum Bandy and Associates
author of Christian Chaos: Revolutionizing Congregational Organization

About the Author

Sue Nilson Kibbey

Sue Nilson Kibbey is an ordained United Methodist elder who serves as the Director of the Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI) for the West Ohio Conference, a comprehensive 360-degree training and coaching effort that assists congregations and their pastors to jump-start a new life cycle of fruitfulness. Kibbey served as executive pastor of Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church in Tipp City, Ohio for 10 years, where she teamed with Pastor Mike Slaughter to create and deploy the vision of the church as well as provide oversight of the staff and all discipleship/mission initiatives. Sue is also the creator of the Ministry by Strengths program, which helps leaders connect into individualized areas of ministry service passion, and is an adjunct professor for ministry leadership at United Theological Seminary. She is a speaker, trainer, consultant and coach across the country.