Worshiping with United Methodists Revised Edition

A Guide for Pastors and Church Leaders

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Worshiping with United Methodists Revised Edition
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Published March 2007

Revised and updated, this popular book shows pastors and worship leaders the basics of United Methodist worship.

In this straightforward and updated commentary, Hoyt Hickman explains the basic pattern of United Methodist worship within the broader context of Christian worship. Drawing upon five basic principles, the author explains the formative nature of worship and how it can revitalize persons' lives. These principles are: God's Word is primary; active congregational participation is crucial; spontaneity and order are both important; worship should be relevant and inclusive; and worship is communion. This revision will highlight the African-American contribution to UM worship, discuss at greater length what the various worship styles mean for us today, say more about the formative nature of worship, and include updated resources including the Abingdon Worship Annual, the Abingdon Preaching Annual, and WorshipConnection.

Explains basic resources for planning and leading worship.
Gives the basic pattern of UM worship and its origins.
Gives practical suggestions how to renew and revitalize worship.
Helps pastors be effective leaders in planning and revitalizing worship.
Helps pastors understand and communicate the uniqueness of UM worship.
Helps pastors lead their congregation into a deeper and richer experience of God through worship.

About the Author

Hoyt L. Hickman

Hoyt L. Hickman has been a visiting professor of worship both at Drew University and at Vanderbilt University. From 1972-1994, while at the General Board of Discipleship, he directed the worship resources development team and wrote many of the worship texts that appear in the United Methodist Hymnal and Book of Worship. He is the General Editor of "The Faith We Sing." He has also been a member of the North American Academy of Liturgy and Societas Liturgica for more than 20 years.