Children's Activities for the Christian Year

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Children's Activities for the Christian Year
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Published October 2004

Children’s Activities for the Christian Year  by Delia Halverson offers Sunday school teachers and leaders of children’s ministries practical information and activities on the cycle of the Christian church calendar. Useful, easy-to-use guidance, resources, and reproducible pages help new and veteran children’s leaders interpret the meaning of the Christian year for children from preschool through elementary age. Each chapter includes:

Brief information about the season/celebration, its origin, and its meaning

An introduction to the symbols and colors of each season/celebration
Learning activities such as art, writing, crafts, drama, stories, and music
Reproducible pages including puzzles, litanies, songs, and readings
Active games
Worship suggestions

In addition to chapters on the Christian year as a whole and Sundays (mini-Easters), the book is organized by the following seasons and holy days:

Advent and Christmas
Season after Epiphany (Ordinary Time)
Ash Wednesday, Lent, and Holy Week
Season after Pentecost (Kingdomtide)
Other Special Days (Trinity Sunday, Worldwide Communion Day, All Saints’ Day, Thanksgiving)

By combining ready-to-use advice and activities, Children’s Activities for the Christian Year is destined to become an essential guide in every children’s ministry resource library.

About the Author

Delia Halverson

Delia Halverson, a Christian education specialist, is a veteran classroom and workshop leader with more than 20 years' experience. She has written extensively in the area of religious education and is the author of 32 Ways to Become a Great Sunday School Teacher, How to Train Volunteer Teachers, Leading Adult Learners and My Cup Runneth Over... Devotions for Teachers. She is the author of over fifteen books and is well known for her articles and curriculum writing. She lives in Woodstock, Georgia.