Revelation for Today

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Revelation for Today
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Published February 1989

Revelation is the Bible's most puzzling book. Though it has inspired some of the world's greatest literature and art, to many readers the book remains a total mystery--a hodge-podge of strange, mystical symbolism and obscure references. Now James M. Efird provides a clear, readable look at the meaning of Revelation. Probing the mysterious book to its very core, Efird offers the best of modern scholarship in an accessible way. Efird places Revelation in its historical context (approximately AD 90), and explains its message for us today. Revelation for Today features an appendix on ways to teach the book, designed for pastors and church school teachers.

About the Author

James M. Efird

James Efird was professor of biblical interpretation at Duke Divinity School, Durham, North Carolina. (1989)