Upbeat Downbeat

Basic Conducting Patterns and Techniques

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Upbeat Downbeat
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Published July 1993

Conducting is a multifaceted craft that includes ear training, vocal, training, conducting techniques, rehearsal techniques, performance practice, music theory, and music history--not to mention basic leadership and group dynamics. It can also be an art that will consume a lifetime of study and practice. Many people have skills in some of these areas, but it is the rare person who has mastered every facet of this complex craft. The scope of this book is to address only the physical skills, the one area that most people can master relatively quickly, regardless of their skill level in other areas. * Written for new directors or the director wanting more training * Contains illustrations and diagrams to covey key concepts * Written by one of America's most respected choral conducting instructors * Will help music leaders become more comfortable with this difficult area of music leadership * Will give directors a higher level of confidence with their church choir Maket *Church choir directors * Music directors

About the Author

Sandra Willetts

SANDRA WILLETTS is Professor of Choral Conducting at the University of Alabama School of Music in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She leads many workshops in choral conducting technique.