The Works of John Wesley Volume 19

Journal and Diaries II (1738-1743)

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The Works of John Wesley Volume 19
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Published April 1990

This is the second volume of Wesley's Journal to appear in the critical edition of The Works of John Wesley. Covering the period from late 1783 to 1743, it documents--in Wesley's own words--the formative years of the Methodist revival in Great Britain. Previously unpublished material from Wesley's private diaries supplements the account in the published Journal of such key events as Wesley's first adventure in "field preaching," the growing breach between Wesley and the Moravians, the formation of the first Methodist Societies, the establishment of the New Room in Bristol and the Foundery in London, and the emergence of the "lay preachers" or "circuit riders."

Each volume in the series is rich with footnotes that identify quotations, provide references, trace key themes, and offer vital background information.

All Works of John Wesley volumes are designed to keep the pages clean and in place for years to come., with casebound non-cloth hardcover, dust jacket, and secure adhesive binding.

About the Author

W. Reginald Ward

W. Reginald Ward is Professor Emeritus of Modern History, The University of Durham, England.