You Are My People

An Introduction to Prophetic Literature

By Louis Stulman, Hyun Chul Paul Kim Published
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Illuminates how the prophetic voices of the Old Testament can still speak hope to exiled and disenfranchised peopleBuilding on recent developments in biblical studies, this book introduces the prophetic literature of the Old Testament against the background of today's postmodern context and crisis of meaning. Pulsating with anxiety over the empire--Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian--the prophet corpus is a disturbing cultural expression of lament and chaos. Danger, disjunction, and disaster bubble beneath the surface of virtually every prophetic text. Sometimes in denial, sometimes in despair, and sometimes in defiance, the readers of this literature find themselves living at the edge of time, immediately before, during, or after the collapse of longstanding symbolic, cultural, and geo-political structures. These written prophecies not only reflect the social location of trauma, but are also a complex response. More specifically, prophetic texts are thick meaning-making maps, tapestries of hope that help at-risk communities survive.


Stulman and Kim have created a new and insightful strategy for reading prophetic literature--by understanding it as artful testimony to the wreckage of war and the ability to survive with hope. They distinguish between oral proclamation--trenchant truth-telling--and the “literarization of prophecy,” which offers hope to communities who have lived through crisis. The authors conceive the prophetic canon to include both disaster and survival literature. In rich dialogue with other scholarly work, this volume offers a valuable paradigm for relating Old Testament prophetic literature to the twenty-first century.
--David L. Petersen, Emory University

Hermeneutically sophisticated and beautifully written, this book is essential for literary critics, postcolonial readers, and all who engage the biblical prophets as a theological resource for our broken world.
--Carolyn J. Sharp, Yale Divinity School

Louis Stulman has long since established himself among our most daring and imaginative interpreters of prophetic tradition. Now, joined by Hyun Chul Paul Kim, he has provided a remarkable study of the prophetic script as a “literature of disaster and survival.” This is not one more dreary historical survey, of which we have more than enough. Rather this is a study of faithful, dynamic “meaning making” that moves readily into contemporeneity. These are among the most compelling words on the prophets I have ever read; and the riff on hope in Jeremiah is well worth the price of the book. This book will reignite interest in the prophets; readers will be very glad they have bothered with it.  --Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

About the Authors

Louis Stulman

Professor of Religious Studies, University of Findlay, Findlay, Ohio

Hyun Chul Paul Kim

Hyun Chul Paul Kim is Professor of Hebrew Bible Methodist Theological School in Ohio Delaware, Ohio.