My Tummy Talked in Church Today

And 51 Other Poems and Devotions for Adults Who Love Children

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My Tummy Talked in Church Today
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Published September 2007

My Tummy Talked in Church Today is a collection of 52 devotions for parents, grandparents, teachers, and pastors. Each devotion includes a poem, Scripture, reflection, and prayer. Each poem is written from a child's delightful perspective about children's experiences related to church.


About the Author

Christy Colby Heno

Christy graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in 

Elementary Education and taught in the Texas public school system for 

9 years. She also served as the Program Director for Camp Mystic in 

Hunt, TX for four summers.  Christy is currently serving as Associate 

Director of Children & Family Ministries at St. Luke's United 

Methodist Church in Houston, TX.  She lives in Houston, TX, with her 

husband, Scott, two daughters, Maddie and Colby, and one loveable

dog, Sadie.