Pastoral Responses

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Published September 2006

Gives pastors strategies to effectively respond to persons at possible risk for suicide and families of suicide victims.

No one can ever be prepared enough to deal with suicide; but one can identify special risks and be aware of short and long-term effects on survivors and family members. In Suicide: Pastoral Responses, Dr. Townsend defines patterns and issues that surround suicide. This book will help ministers identify particular markers and give steps for pastoral intervention and suicide prevention.

The Pastoral Responses series is designed to help pastors and other pastoral caregivers deal with crises or significant difficulties. Called upon to offer advice, guidance, and comfort to parishioners, their families, and the congregation on a myriad of medical, mental health, social, legal, and theological issues, these books offer concrete, practical suggestions for the situations that pastors face in the parish today.

"Dr. Townsend approaches the potentially suicidal individual and the bereaved person with the heart of a pastor and the experience of a counselor. Integrating basic and effective techniques and spiritual approaches, the author provides a sound framework and presents a wide scope of information to help pastors."

--Joel Osler Brende, Professor of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine at Mercer University School of Medicine, Macon, Georgia and former Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science. A well known author, Dr. Brende has received two Awards for Scientific Books from The Menninger Foundation.

"This book offers tremendous hope and concrete guidance to pastors who are often the 'first responders' with the numerous issues surrounding suicide and its prevention. I recommend it wholeheartedly."

--Walt Kallestad, Pastor of Community Church of Joy in Glendale, Arizona.

"Comprehensive, concise, pastoral, and practical. This book will offer concrete guidance and a method for theological reflection to help pastors know what to do and say when the church family experiences a completed or attempted suicide."

--Virginia Todd Holeman, Professor of Counseling, Asbury Theological Seminary

About the Author

Loren Townsend

Loren L. Townsend is Henry Morris Edmonds Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.