The United Methodist Church Certificates of Professing Membership (Pad of 26)

Supply--Printed or Imprinted
The United Methodist Church Certificates of Professing Membership (Pad of 26)
Supply--Printed or Imprinted ISBN: 9780687495818
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Published October 2005

As the pastor, church staff, and congregation nurture individuals through their faith journeys, they celebrate each milestone. Certificates of Professing Membership create a permanent record of these important events and provide a meaningful remembrance and keepsake. These United Methodist Certificates can be kept for generations! Pad contains 26 flat certificates featuring the image of the cross and flame in a circle; each certificate with a perforated record stub to record this baptism in the permanent church register.
Size of certificate is 8 1/2" x 11”.

Words on each certificate are:

Certificate of Professing Membership

This Certifies That
was received this day as a professing member of


and is therefore presented this token of recognition and Christian love.

___________________________________________ ____________________________________________

Examine the Padded Presentation Folder, sized to fit these certificates.
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Did you know. . .
Certificates of Professing Membership are tangible recognition from the church of significant milestones in each person's spiritual journey and of their commitment to Christian living. Presentation of certificates helps the church build relationships with youth and adults in the congregation. At the same time, certificates help persons remember and respond to their covenant relationship with God, church, and neighbor.

The Cross and Flame symbol relates The United Methodist church to God through Christ (cross) and the Holy Spirit (flame). The flame is a reminder of Pentecost when witnesses were unified by the power of the Holy Spirit and saw "tongues, as of fire" (Acts 2:3).