Abingdon Old Testament Commentaries: Esther

By Linda M. Day Published
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The Abingdon Old Testament Commentaries provide compact, critical commentaries on the books of the Old Testament for the use of theological students and pastors. The commentaries are also useful for upper-level college or university students and for those responsible for teaching in congregational settings. In addition to providing basic information and insights into the Old Testament writings, these commentaries exemplify the tasks and procedures of careful interpretation, to assist students of the Old Testament in coming to an informed and critical engagement with the biblical texts themselves.

In this commentary, Day addresses both perennial and contemporary concerns pertinent to the book of Esther. Attention is given to literary, linguistic, and thematic features of the biblical text. Day considers the book of Esther with an eye to concerns of gender and ethnicity, as well as the theological concerns raised by divine absence in the story.


"In Day's able hands, the book of Esther emerges from the carnival atmosphere of Purim with its humorous portrait of the Persian court. The commentary asks pressing questions about ethnicity, gender, genocide, those who must remain hidden within their own culture for whatever reason. Informed by the latest biblical scholarship but fully anchored in the questions of our time, Day's theological exposition is a timely and thoughtful exploration of the questions posed by the character and example of Queen Esther, savior of her people."

Carole R. Fontaine, The John Taylor Professor of Biblical Theology and History, Andover Newton Theological School

"Linda Day is an exceptionally reliable guide to the book of Esther and the wealth of scholarship interpreting it.  More important, she makes Esther's story accessible and meaningful to modern readers.  She connects this ancient story with insights into our own perennial issues of power, gender, ethnic conflict, courage, resourcefulness, and the complexities of human relationships."

Bruce C. Birch, Dean, Wesley Theological Seminary

About the Author

Linda M. Day

Chaplain, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Hiram College, Hiram, OH