All Loves Excelling

New Tunes to Familiar Charles Wesley Hymn Texts

Book - Paperback
All Loves Excelling
Paperback ISBN: 9780687641222
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Published July 2007

This component of the Abingdon Press Hymn Series contains eighteen original tunes to the most familiar hymn texts by Charles Wesley. Each hymn is presented first as text only, so that its theology and poetic beauty can be seen unencumbered by music. The second presentation is a "full music" version with interlined in standard hymn format. Finally, the hymn is set in "tune line" version, suitable for duplication in a bulletin. Tune writers are renowned, and provide a freshness such that it is like singing these ancient texts for the very first time. They are Dan Damon, Amanda Husberg, Jane Marshall, Mark Miller, Penny Rodriguez, and Carlton R. Young.