Finding Your Way Through the Bible - NRSV

A Self-Instruction Book for Middle and Older Elementary Students

Book - Paperback
Finding Your Way Through the Bible - NRSV
Paperback ISBN: 9780687645473
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Published May 2007

This self-instruction book was written to help middle and older elementary children become familiar with their Bibles and learn how to use them at their own speed. Finding Your Way Through the Bible is intended to be used with the Abingdon Children's NRSV Bible at home or in the classroom. Students completing this book will be able to:

Find any book in the Old or New Testaments using the Table of Contents
Find any chapter in any book and any verse in any chapter
Find parts of verses when the Bible reference uses the letters a, b, and c with a verse number
Tell the difference between books with similar names such as 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel and John and 1 John
Recognize the additional helps in a Bible and be able to use them