The Confessions of Three Ebony Bishops

By Ernest S. Lyght, Edsel A. Ammons, Jonathan D. Keaton Published
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Three African American bishops offer guidance and offer pastors a model of spiritual leadership.

Edsel A. Ammons, Ernest S. Lyght, and Jonathan D. Keaton, through personal story, sermons, articles, prayers, and meditations, ground leadership in humility and self-denial. Giving practical advice for church pastors and leaders, the book will inspire many spiritual journeys.


"Bishops Lyght, Ammons and Keaton have rich and intriguing lives to share...Their storytelling is an invitation to those of us in the church to rehearse our own answers about the quality of our soul...As a white women in this "too white" denomination, I salute them all for calling us again to a new faithfulness that seems rooted in their ebony beings!
--Maxine Clarke Beach, Vice President and Dean, Drew Theological School

"These three bishops are giants--men of integrity, vision, and vast experience. They share their unique perspectives with us, and do it as if we were drinking coffee together. What a privilege to step inside their history, their thoughts and their feelings and compare them with our own.
--Richard B. Wilke, retired Bishop of The United Methodist Church

“...This book is a joyful and poignant glimpse into the calling and commitment of three spiritual giants.”
--Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III, Senior Pastor, Hope United Methodist Church, Southfield, Michigan

About the Authors

Ernest S. Lyght

Ernest S. Lyght is a retired bishop of The United Methodist Church. He is co-author of Many Faces, One Church; Our Father; and Confessions of Three Ebony Bishops, all published by Abingdon Press. He lives in Delanco, New Jersey.

Edsel A. Ammons

Retired UM Bishop Edsel A. Ammons, who helped lead the church during the transitional time of integration, died Dec. 24, 2010 in Evanston, Ill., after a lengthy illness.

Jonathan D. Keaton

Dr. Jonathan D. Keaton is Resident Bishop of the Illinois Area of the United Methodist Church.