Single-Digit Youth Groups

Working With Fewer Than Ten Teens

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Single-Digit Youth Groups
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Published August 2004



Even if your church has fewer than 10 teens, your numbers are never too small to offer a relevant youth ministry that powerfully impacts their lives.

In fact, smaller numbers allow you to devote more time and concentrate greater attention on your precious few. You can actually give more to less.

Single Digit Youth Groups points out many additional benefits that can only be found in a compact group...equipping you with up-to-date actionable plans for:

  • Starting a Small Youth Ministry
  • Establishing Meaningful Rituals
  • Recruiting Adult Assistance
  • Creative Youth Activities for Less than 10 Teens
  • Committing to a Group Covenant

Single Digit youth resources are designed to engage every teen in the room, at every level of maturity, without alienating all the rest. Even in a small church, you can retain and develop the full potential of your special few.

Small churches and churches with small numbers of youth will be delighted that someone has finally written just for them!  Marcey Balcomb helps them discover the joys and power of a single-digit youth group and provides the practical help they need.

Fully half the book is filled with awesome activities for single-digit youth groups (41 great activities, to be exact). 

In addition, the book gives information about essential and helpful forms for use in a single-digit youth ministry. These make short work of administration so leaders can spend more time in ministry.

About the Author

Marcey Balcomb

 Marcey Balcomb is a 30 year veteran in youth ministry, currently serving as Director of Common Cup Youth Ministry in Portland, OR. Marcey is co-author of Twists of Faith: Ministry with Youth at the Turning Points of their Lives (1999). She has also written for Faith in Motion, YouthNet, LinC, Connect, Devo’Zine, WITH Devotional, and various other magazines.