Introducción a la vida y teología de Juan Wesley AETH

Introduction to the Life and Theology of John Wesley Spanish

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Introducción a la vida y teología de Juan Wesley AETH
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Published June 2005

The Holy Spirit movement in eighteenth century England gave rise to a religious revival that gave birth to the family of churches we know today as the wesleyans.  Thus, by his importance as the genius organizer, it is essential to know the life and thought of one of the pillars within the Wesleyan movement: John Wesley.

In this book - of a very simple and yet profound way- Dr. Magallanes offers us the most basic traits of the social-religious context in which Wesley lived in the England of the eighteenth century, aspects that influenced the family development of his character and spirituality, the education and training received in Oxford, experiences that awakened in Wesley his passion for evangelization and the doctrine of the holiness of heart and life that characterized the movement.