Eyes to See

The Redemptive Purpose of Icons

Paperback ISBN: 9780819229380
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Published October 2014

Eyes to See: The Redemptive Purpose of Icons offers the discovery of life-giving spiritual insights found through learning to read the language of religious icons. Written especially for those whose traditions have not included icons, this book introduces eight icons written (painted) by the author. Historical notes, explanation of symbolism, related scriptures for interpretation, and a reflection for each icon deepens understanding and appreciation for the ancient holy images of the Church.

The book is eight chapters in length, each describing one of the eight full-color icon plates in the insert.

Written by a Protestant for a non-Orthodox readership
Includes full-color images of eight icons
Strong potential for group study

About the Author

Mary E. Green

Mary E. Green serves as chaplain for the Iona School for Ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. An Episcopal priest retired from ministry in hospital chaplaincy, she continues to teach about the power of icons as tools for meditation and spiritual formation, while further developing her icon writing skills. She lives in Clinton, Washington.