Loving the World With God

Fourth Day Living

Book - Paperback
Loving the World With God
Paperback ISBN: 9780835813358
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Published November 2014

This book is targeted to Emmaus and Chrysalis communities, particularly individuals who have recently completed their walk or flight. Rebecca Bruff provides inspiration and structure for living into the Fourth Day, grounding her guidance in the example of Jesus and using illustrations from Emmaus pilgrims and Chrysalis butterflies. She explains why and how to become the hands and feet of Christ. Bruff, who has completed an Emmaus walk herself, draws on over 25 years of international and local mission experiences and the stories of many pilgrims. Chapters conclude with suggestions for reflection, prayer, and action.

About the Author

Rebecca Bruff

Bruff is senior associate pastor at University Park UMC in Dallas.

Rebecca lives in Dallas, Texas.