Healing the Heartbreak of Grief

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Healing the Heartbreak of Grief
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Published February 2010

Free yourself from the treads of grief that grip your heart.

Free yourself from the threads of grief that grip your heart.

In an irreversible moment, your life changes forever. Your life is upside down and your heart is inside out. Life goes on for others, but yours came to a screaming halt. With comfort and assurance, Dr. Flamming points ahead to tomorrows that will become a little easier than today. From years of pastoral experience and the heartbreak of losing his own son, the author knows that grief is anything but a tidy, predictable progression.
Written in short, easy chapters, with practical helps, this book can be your companion as you struggle to pick up the pieces and go on.

When Grief Breaks In
What Do I Do Now?
Unpredictable Emotions of Grief
Decide Who to Talk To
When One Day at a Time is Too Much
Find Your Releasing Activites
Strength from Beyond Yourself
Soemtimes Faith Needs Healing
Turning Points and Beginning Again

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