Reading Scripture as Wesleyans

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Reading Scripture as Wesleyans
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Published May 2010

Through Bible study, people hear God's voice, share in God's grace, and become more like Jesus Christ

John Wesley boasted that he was a “man of one book,” but he was also a thoughtful student throughout his life and an author of many books. As breath gives life, John Wesley inhaled and exhaled the words of Scripture, shaping his thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behavior. And like our eighteenth-century ancestor, the Bible is central to us for continued faith formation. 

In this invitation to Scripture, the general editor of the Wesley Study Bible and biblical scholar, Dr. Joel Green, summarizes Wesley’s understanding of key themes and topics of key books of the New Testament. Using brief excerpts from Wesley’s writings (in updated language), Dr. Green explains the importance of Wesley’s thinking as it directly applies to everyday life and faithful practice.  Each chapter ends with questions suitable for private devotion or group settings, to help you apply your study to daily living.
This book will be your trusted companion to the Wesley Study Bible as you love God with a warmed heart and serve God with active hands.

About the Author

Prof. Joel B. Green

Joel B. Green is Provost, Dean of the School of Theology, and Professor of New Testament Interpretation of the School of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Author of many books, he is also a General Editor of the Wesley Study Bible and the Common English Bible.