Retazos Teológicos

Escritos inéditos de Justo L. Gonzalez

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Retazos Teológicos
Paperback ISBN: 9781426709340
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Published September 2010

Introduces readers to a long-admired author's never-before-published writings and reflections

During his long, prolific career as a theological writer, Justo L. González gathered many thoughts and manuscripts that never quite fit into any of his many publishings. Retazos Teológicos (Theological Remnants) is a compilation of some of these remnants, published as they were originally written with the hope that readers will find them useful in their lives and ministry.  Readers will follow Dr. González through various episodes of his life, seeing theological perspectives in everyday situations through his eyes.

Written in Spanish.

About the Author

Justo L. González

Justo L. González has taught at the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico and Candler School of Theology, Emory University. He is the author of many books, including Church History: An Essential Guide and To All Nations From All Nations, both published by Abingdon Press.

Justo L. González es un ampliamente leído y respetado historiador y teólogo. Es el autor de numerosas obras que incluyen tres volúmenes de su Historia del Pensamiento Cristiano, la colección de Tres Meses en la Escuela de... (Mateo... Juan... Patmos... Prisión... Espíritu), Breve Historia de las Doctrinas Cristianas y El ministerio de la palabra escrita, todas publicadas por Abingdon Press.