Immersion Bible Studies: Matthew

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Take a refreshing plunge into the Bible.Journey inside the pages of Scripture to meet a personal God who enters individual lives and begins a creative work from the inside out. Shaped with the individual in mind, Immersion encourages simultaneous engagement both with the Word of God and with the God of the Word to become a new creation in Christ.

Immersion, inspired by a fresh translation--the Common English Bible--stands firmly on Scripture and helps readers explore the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of their personal faith. More importantly, they’ll be able to discover God’s revelation through readings and reflections.


“Immersion Bible Study is a powerful tool in helping readers to hear God speak through Scripture and to experience a deeper faith as a result.”
          Adam Hamilton, author of 24 Hours That Changed the World

“This unique Bible study makes Scripture come alive for students. Through the study, students are invited to move beyond the head into the heart of faith.”
          Bishop Joseph W. Walker, author of Love and Intimacy

“This beautiful series helps readers become fluent in the words and thoughts of God, for purposes of illumination, strength building, and developing a closer walk with the One who loves us so.”
          Laurie Beth Jones, author of Jesus, CEO and The Path

“I highly commend to you Immersion Bible Study, which tells us what the Bible teaches and how to apply it personally.”
          John Ed Mathison, author of Treasures of the Transformed Life

“The Immersion Bible Study series is no less than a game changer.  It ignites the purpose and power of Scripture by showing us how to do more than just know God or love God; it gives us the tools to love like God as well.”
          Shane Stanford, author of You Can’t Do Everything... So Do Something