Whose Offering Plate Is It?

New Strategies for Financial Stewardship

By J. Clif Christopher Published
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If you want people to give, offer them a compelling vision of how their giving is going to build God's kingdom.

In Not Your Parents' Offering Plate, Clif Christopher challenged churches and pastors to take a lesson from the leaders of not-for-profit organizations: if you want people to give to your church, first offer them a compelling vision of the good that their giving will accomplish. The book encouraged an entire culture change for many in the Christian community in how they viewed the offering plate. It also unleashed a barrage of questions on specifically how to create this new culture while maintaining the foundations of one's faith tradition and mission.

In this sequel, Christopher responds to these questions in the same forthright manner that he originally laid forth his propositions. He offers simple, strategic advice on such difficult questions as:

“Exactly how do I go about gaining access to the donor records when my church has prohibited it for a hundred years?”
“How do I explain a meeting with just those who are strong givers without alienating those who are not?”
“How can we advocate online giving without encouraging some to abuse their credit cards?”
“What should letters to different giving constituencies look like?”


“Clif Christopher is a gift to the Church.  His efforts to help churches, leaders and individuals to understand the relationship of giving to a devoted faith and the Kingdom of God have had an incalculable impact.”

Adam Hamilton, author of When Christians get it Wrong

Whose Offering Plate Is It? is an excellent companion piece to J. Clif Christopher’s earlier book Not Your Parents Offering Plate.  In his newest book Christopher addresses the many practical “how to” and “what does this mean” questions raised in his earlier challenging and ground breaking book. Once again, Christopher proves to be a savvy and earthy guide as he writes with a candid, no-frills flair which connects with pastors and lay church leaders.”

William G. Enright, Ph.D., Director of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

“Clif Christopher answers the questions most on the minds of pastors and congregational leaders today about the challenges and opportunities of funding the church’s mission.  His straightforward writing growing out of real world experience and deep faith commitment makes this book immediately useful.

Lovett H. Weems, Jr., author of Take the Next Step: Leading Lasting Change in the Church

About the Author

J. Clif Christopher

Dr. Clif Christopher, MDiv, CFRE, is the CEO of the Horizons Stewardship Company. He is a certified church growth consultant and has earned the coveted title CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive). Christopher founded the Horizons Stewardship Company in 1992 following a challenging and rewarding career in pastoral ministry. Since founding Horizons, he has led consultations in more than four hundred churches, conferences, synods, and dioceses in all phases of building, finance, and church growth. For the last ten years years, Christopher has secured more than $500 million for his clients. He has worked in more than thirty-two states and is a frequent speaker at stewardship seminars around the country. He is the author of several books including Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate, which was published by Abingdon Press. Christopher has been an ordained minister of The United Methodist Church since 1975. He is a graduate of Hendrix College and Emory University. Christopher and his wife have four children.

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