Born to Be a Blessing - eBook [ePub]

A Parent's Guide to Raising Christian Children

Born to Be a Blessing - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426711053
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Published August 2009

Every child is born to be a blessing. Many parents experience overwhelming love when their children are born, and strive to raise their children to experience a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

This guide for parents enables them study, learn, and grow together to find answers to shared questions and concerns as they raise their children. Parents will deal with many areas of children's lives such as self-control, truth-telling, sibling rivalry, generosity, and making faithful decisions.

Perfect for small groups, each session includes Scripture, plus stories, and questions for meditation and discussion. Parents learn new tools to respond to their children in positive, Christ-like ways, and gives them the courage to face one of the most blessed jobs of all -- raising Christian children.

About the Author

Myrtle Felkner

Myrtle Felkner is a member of First United Methodist Church in Centerville, Iowa, where she teaches an upper elementary Sunday school class. Myrtle also does seminars and workshops in Christian education around the connection, as well as serving on her district committee on Christian education. She also chairs the Commission for the Iowa Conference School for Lay Ministry, a three-year course of study for lay ministry. She has written several books and hundreds of stories and articles. Myrtle's passion is Christian education for all children.