The Works of John Wesley Volume 10

The Methodist Societies, The Minutes of Conference

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The Works of John Wesley Volume 10
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Published March 2011

The Methodist Societies: The Minutes of Conference reproduces the Minutes as a formal record and conveys the nature and role of the Conference in Methodist life and polity during John Wesley's time.

Included is information from letters and diaries of preachers as well as from John Wesley, some of which is newly published here. This material highlights some of the problems that arose in the meetings themselves, which in Wesley's eyes was merely summoned to advise him but, in his later years, almost imperceptibly became more of a legislative and ruling body, increasingly preoccupied with what would happen after Wesley's death. Despite the breadth of this volume, the American Minutes are not included, partly because they were in no sense Wesley's own work and partly because they could not be, at present, edited to the required standard. The Irish Minutes are included in an appendix.

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