Becoming a Couple of Destiny

Living, Loving, and Creating a Life that Matters

By Joseph W. Walker III, Stephaine Hale Walker Published
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It takes two. Even if men aren’t from Mars and women aren’t from Venus, they still have different takes on what makes a relationship work.

In this he says—she says book, Bishop Joseph Walker and his wife Dr. Stephaine Walker tell you how to know when you’re in love and ready to take that next step of commitment. This dynamic and successful couple will also dialogue about the place of intimacy, carving out time for each other, and the importance of creating a spiritual life together in order to make significant and lasting decisions. They will also talk about the values necessary to keep couples together in this temptation-laden culture.


Bishop Walker and Dr. Walker get vulnerable and transparent in this book. It is the perfect canvas to paint a picture of how destiny operates in our relationships. This book gives hope to single people and inspiration to married people. I could not put it down!
--Dr. Sheron C. Patterson, author, relationship expert, and pastor

In an ever increasing "me-centered" society, how critical it is to have Godly inspired relevant guidance on how to develop and maintain a happy, healthy, and destiny-driven marriage. By combining and sharing their professional acumen and their spiritual foundation, Bishop Joseph and Dr. Stephaine Walker have delivered a strong and vital resource for knowing what really matters and how to navigate through the intriguing dynamics of successfully blending two lives into one.
-- Kevin A. Myatt, Sr. VP Human Resources, Yale New Haven Health, New Haven, Connecticut

This book is filled with powerful and compelling insights about what it takes for two to become one in a lasting and enduring bond of love. Joseph and Stephanie Walker provide the reader with a road map for how best to achieve the highest form of human love granted to us by the creator—the love shared between a husband and a wife. It is a must-read for newly weds and truly weds alike!
--Cleophus J. LaRue, Princeton Theological Seminary

About the Authors

Joseph W. Walker III

Joseph W. Walker III is bishop of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee and Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. Bishop Joseph Walker is a popular preacher, who at the age of 24 began his pastorate at Mount Zion with only 175 members. Currently his ministry has grown to more than 26,000 persons with eight weekly services in three church locations.

Bishop Walker founded JWW Ministries, which has awarded over $500,000 in scholarships to deserving college students. Bishop Walker is also the recipient of numerous awards, sits on the Board of the American Red Cross, and holds a post on the Tennessee Human Rights Commission. Dedicated to community interests and vowing never to abandon the Mount Zion neighborhood, Bishop Walker launched the New Level Community Development Corporation (NLCDC) in 2001. The NLCDC is committed to low-and moderate-income families and community economic development.

Stephaine Hale Walker

Stephaine Hale Walker is a neonatologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and received her MPH from Harvard and her MD from Cornell Medical School. She is also an assistant professor of pediatrics and clinical neonatologist at Vanderbilt University's Children's Hospital.