United Methodist Hymnal Bookplates "In honor of..." (Pkg of 48)

"This hymnal presented for the glory of God in honor of..."

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Give members a way to recognized those special to them.

Bookplate reads:

"This Hymnal: Presented for the glory of God in honor of...by..."

With the United Methodist cross and flame as the centerpiece, this bookplate matches the United Methodist Hymnal perfectly. Use them to commemorate each hymnal by honoring friends, family, organizations, members of your church family, and other important persons or groups in your church community.Bookplates are printed eight 4.5 x 2.75 on an 8.5 x 11 sheet and will work in most ink-jet and laser printers. Printed lines are still included to provide a guide for hand-written names.

 Each package contains six sheets of eight bookplates for a total of 48 bookplates per package and instructions on where to find the template for creating the bookplates with computer and printer.