Simply Christmas - ePub edition

Easy Dramas, Speeches, and Recitations for Children

Simply Christmas - ePub edition
E-Book ISBN: 9781426719189
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Published August 2010

This collection will enable churches to create a Christmas program whether they are blessed with a large number of children or only a few children. The traditional Christmas drama, "Let's Get Ready" tells the complete Christmas story. Other offerings, including "Go, Shepherds, Go Shepherds" and "Rejoice" can be done using young children as a chorus. "Christmas Traditions" explains the meaning behind the traditions of Christmas, while "The Twelve Days of Christmas" explains how this familiar song came about and the meaning behind each of the gifts. "A Savior is Coming" can involve the entire congregation and fully explain the purpose behind the coming of God's son in only five minutes. Reading and prayers for the four Sundays of Advent can be used in the classroom or in the worship service. Additional poems are included as well as the words and music to four Christmas songs.

About the Author

Peg Augustine

Peg Augustine is a writer and editor of stories, songs, and games for children. Her most recent book for Abingdon Press was O Come All Ye Faithful. She lives in Nashville, TN.