The Starlit Night - eBook [ePub]

The Starlit Night - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426721359
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Published September 2010

The Starlit Night is the engaging story of a family enjoying the Christmas season and learning about the true meaning of Christmas. The Starlit Night not only tells the Christmas story but also promotes family togetherness and Christian sharing by providing five, delicious family-friendly recipes. As the family bakes cookies to hand out to the persons who will hear them carol, the mother tells the story of the birth of the Christ Child. As the cookies are baked, the symbolism of each shape is used to tell the story. Angel sugar cookies relate to the angel’s appearance to Mary and Joseph. Gingerbread donkeys help children imagine the journey to Bethlehem. Manger haystacks remind us of the birth of Jesus. Shepherd’s crooks signify the role of the shepherds. Stained glass stars are used to tell of the visit of the wise men.

This book includes recipes for each of the five cookies. Beautiful biblical and contemporary illustrations will portray the essence of the Christmas story.

About the Author

Peg Augustine

Peg Augustine is a writer and editor of stories, songs, and games for children. Her most recent book for Abingdon Press was O Come All Ye Faithful. She lives in Nashville, TN.