Baby's Song - eBook [ePub]

Baby's Song - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426721458
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Published September 2010

A picture book in lyrical rhyme, Baby's Song follows the seasons in the first year of baby's life. Mother and child share the joys that each season has to offer and grow in their awareness of the blessings God has given them throughout the year. The tender text is coupled with warm and personable illustrations, sure to be enjoyed over and over again for lap-time reading.

About the Author

Dori Chaconas

Dori Chaconas has been a prolific writer of children s stories for Highlights, Jack & Jill, and Scholastic. Recently she has authored three children s books including On A Wintry Morning, published by Viking and "Goodnight, Dewberry Bear" published by Abingdon Press.