The View from Under the Pew - eBook [ePub]

The View from Under the Pew - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426721502
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Published September 2010

This beautifully-illustrated storybook introduces children to the true story of Walter, a guide dog who assists Pastor Diane through her day at the church. Walter helps Pastor Diane minister to others as they visit the sick at the hospital and attend church meetings and potluck suppers. Walter is her faithful companion as Pastor Diane conducts Bible studies and leads worship. Walter loves his view from under the pew, where he can listen to the choir sing and see the faces of families who have come to church to worship God together.

About the Author

Diane Winters Johnson

Diane Winters Johnson is an ordained deacon in The United Methodist Church. She graduated from Ohio State University and The Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio, with a master's degree in Christian education. Rev. Johnson also writes Sunday school curriculum. She lives in Wooster, Ohio.

Walter the Guide Dog was awarded an honorary degree in "dogmatic theology" by The Methodist Theological School in Ohio for his faithful participation in classes and his contribution to campus morale. Following a ten-year ministry with Diane Johnson, Walter is now retired and living with the Helmuth family in Wooster, Ohio.