Nighty Night, Baby Jesus - ePub Edition

Nighty Night, Baby Jesus - ePub Edition
E-Book ISBN: 9781426723339
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Published September 2010

Delightfully whimsical illustrations and story draw children into the joy of the very first Christmas!

The animals are awakened by the rooster who is confused

by the brilliant light coming from the manger–Cock-adoodle

doo! Nighty Night, Baby Jesus, written and illustrated

by Molly Schaar Idle, presents the night Jesus is born and

the delight of the stable animals as they one-by-one

discover his presence. Children will happily share in the joy

of the animals welcoming the baby Jesus–this is a cause for

celebration! Finally, the animals must quiet down so the

Babe can get his rest, “Nighty Night, Baby


About the Author

Molly Schaar Idle

Molly Schaar Idle is the talented author/illustrator of a number of books from Abingdon Press, including the successful Christmas book, "Emma's Gift" and most recently "Nighty Night, Noah." She has worked as an artist for Dream Works Feature Animation and PBS Kids. She and her family live in Tempe, Arizona.