That Blessed Christmas Night - eBook [ePub]

That Blessed Christmas Night - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426723643
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Published September 2010

That Blessed Christmas Night is the story of the first Christmas night told in poetry form. The wonder of the first Christmas is seen through the eyes of children reenacting the story. The simple things of earth - the clear, starry sky; a humble stable filled with animals; shepherds caring for their sheep - suddenly become bolder, clearer, and richer as the children don costumes and sing their praises to the Child.

About the Author

Dori Chaconas

Dori Chaconas has been a prolific writer of children s stories for Highlights, Jack & Jill, and Scholastic. Recently she has authored three children s books including On A Wintry Morning, published by Viking and "Goodnight, Dewberry Bear" published by Abingdon Press.