Watching the Disciples - eBook [ePub]

Learning from Their Mistakes

Watching the Disciples - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426728891
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Published December 2011


This Lenten study looks at the twelve disciples as they tried to follow Jesus and live the challenging life to which he had called them. Examining the mistakes of the Twelve can help us to assess our own discipleship in order to see where it may need strengthening. During these weeks of Lent, as we join the Twelve in their on-the-job-training to become disciples of Jesus, we hope to find guidance for our pilgrimage.

This seven-session study, appropriate for both group and individual use, provides one lesson for each week in Lent. Each lesson includes a Scripture reference, a brief reflection, questions for study or discussion, a brief prayer, and a focus for the coming week.

MARY JANE GORMAN is a writer, teacher, and retreat leader living in Greenville, South Carolina, and she is the author of the book Tending Body, Heart, Mind & Soul: Following Jesus in Caring for Ourselves (Abingdon Press). Formerly professor of economics at Furman University, she has served on the board of United Ministries, a nonprofit community organization, and is a leader in First Baptist Church, Greenville.