Web-Empowered Ministry - eBook [ePub]

Connecting With People through Websites, Social Media, and More

Web-Empowered Ministry - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426730368
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Published October 2010

Let Web-Empowered Ministry be your comprehensive guide along your unique journey toward building a powerful internet ministry. You will learn the practical steps, techniques, and ideas needed to develop an excellent and effective web ministry. And learn how to apply the many tools the internet has to offer including websites, smart phones, social networking, media, instant messaging, and more to extend and multiply your ministry impact.

Mark’s engaging style makes technology accessible as he offers first-hand advice on every aspect of building an internet ministry: from assembling a team to designing and maintaining your website to developing a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and more.
People are coming to know Jesus. Lives are being transformed. It comes from God’s power and our use of the internet to share, teach, and connect.

About the Author

Mark Stephenson

Mark M. Stephenson is director of the Web-Empowered Church ministry (www.webempoweredchurch.org) and director of CyberMinistry and technology of Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, Ohio (www.ginghamsburg.org). Hosting more than 50,000 user visits per month, his Ginghamburg website has received national attention, from The Wall Street Journal and Christian Computing Magazine to Fox News. Known as the "Church CyberGuy," he conducts presentations and workshops around the country and provides consulting support to churches around the world.