Touch the Water, Taste the Bread Ages 4-8 (CD-ROM)

Exploring the Sacraments with Children

Mixed Media
Touch the Water, Taste the Bread Ages 4-8 (CD-ROM)
Mixed Media ISBN: 9781426730917
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Published February 2012

Touch the Water, Taste the Bread is a 6-week study for children ages 4-8, that will help you introduce your children to the sacraments, the Bible story about Jesus’ baptism and the Bible story about the Last Supper.

This newly updated resource combines two age levels into one for teaching convenience. This resource comes as a CD-ROM that has everything you need: the Leaders Guide, PowerPoint presentations for teaching, and lively music and sound effects that children will enjoy.

Storybooks also available:

Come, Touch the Water
Come, Taste the Bread

About the Author

Daphna Flegal

Daphna Flegal is a diaconal minister in The United Methodist Church. She is a certified laboratory leader in the area of young children and has worked with preschool children for more than 20 years. Daphna is currently the lead editor for children's curriculum. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.