Bible Black Belts

Scripture with a Kick!

Book - Paperback
Bible Black Belts
Paperback ISBN: 9781426730924
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E-Book ISBN: 9781426756566
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Published June 2011

Recent surveys reveal that few adults have a proficient knowledge of the Bible. This curriculum helps familiarize children with the Bible, giving them a solid biblical foundation for a lifetime of faith.

  • Offers up to nine months of material, ideal for using during a school year
  • Each month features a different color belt that focuses on one main passage of Scripture:
    • how to use the Bible and the Torah
    • Explore more of the Old Testament and how to find Scripture
    • New Testament books
    • The Ten Commandments
    • The Lord's Prayer
    • The 23rd Psalm
    • The Beatitudes
    • The Parables
  • Includes "Words of Celebration" (Psalms), "Words of Comfort," "Words of Wisdom" (Proverbs), and "Words of Jesus" throughout the curriculum
  • Every passage of Scripture features its own unique activity including games, reflection, movement, and rhythm
  • Ideal for use as part of a regular Sunday school class, Wednesday evening, choir, spring break, or summer program
  • For ages 5-12

About the Author

Mark Burrows

Mark Burrows tours the nation performing concerts for children and families. His four children's albums have won a total of nine national awards. His songs, including the highly-requested Bruce Weiner, "Zoo Dentist", can be heard on Sirius XM Radio. One song, "Amazon Rock", was recorded by Nick Records for a Dora the Explorer album. His first children's picture book, Little Things Aren't Little...When You're Little, is published by Pelican Publishing.

He received his undergraduate degree in music education from Southern Methodist University, and his graduate degree in conducting from Texas Christian University. Mark is currently the Director of Children's Ministries at First United Methodist Church – Fort Worth, Texas. Mark lives in Fort Worth with his wife, Nina, and their two daughters, Emma and Grace.