Faith Builders - eBook [ePub]

Faith Builders - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426734656
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Published October 2010

Faith Builders is a children’s ministry resource, containing a whole year of Sunday school teaching in one book. It features fifty exciting craft projects that children will enjoy making while learning about the Bible and building their faith. Each craft has a theme that is linked to a related Bible verse and combined with a complete lesson. For the teacher, there are clear, step-by-step instructions to follow, along with a materials list and an indication of the time needed to complete the project. Crafts include a bird feeder, seashell wind chimes and even a marshmallow caterpillar! Faith Builders utilizes many wonderful mediums through which children can express their creative side and explore their faith in a group setting. This ready-to-use book provides a hands-on, fun way of bringing God’s Word to children that will maintain their enthusiasm for Sunday school.

About the Author

Nadia C. Herbert

Nadia's background is in youth work, teaching life skills to disadvantaged teenagers. She spent many years as a stay-at-home mom before deciding to pursue a career in writing, which had always been her dream. She felt very strongly that God was guiding her in that direction.

Nadia began writing in 2000 with articles published in Christian magazines, including "Spirit," "Message," and "Devo'Zine."

She then spent three years working on Scripture Union's "Sharing and Learning Together" Bible curriculum for school-aged children. Nadia also produced skits, devotions, games and puzzles for their supplemental Sunday School magazine, "Lazer."