Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life - eBook [ePub]

Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426738135
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Published December 2010

Congregations celebrate various rites and rituals as a way of commemorating the significant life events and experiences of their members. By blessing something or someone, God’s presence is invoked and the sacred is invited into the mundane, the holy into the ordinary. This book offers pastors and other church leaders a collection of ready-made, easily adaptable blessings and rituals for a variety of occasions. The book is divided into four major chapters: Children, Adults, Everyday Life, and Pastoral Care. It includes blessings and rituals for such occasions as: welcome into a home or neighborhood, receiving a first Bible, graduation from high school, receiving a driver’s license, blessing the backpacks and lunch-boxes for a new school year, and pet funerals. Pastoral care rituals include such occasions as grief, lost love, anger, and declining health.

Key Benefits: • Provides readers with a source of blessings and rituals for key moments in congregational members’ lives and meaningful ways to celebrate and support their life experiences and transitions • Shows readers how the intentional use of blessings and rituals within the congregation helps reveal to the community God’s presence in every phase of life

About the Author

Susan Langhauser

(2001) SUSAN LANGHAUSER is pastor of Advent Lutheran Church in Olathe, Kansas. She has abeen a contributing author to Lectionary Homiletics magazine since 1997. She will serve a pastoral residency in Wittenberg, Germany, during the summer of 2001. She is also the theatrical director of her community's local theatre.