How Is It With Your Soul (Director Guide) - eBook [ePub]

Director's Guide for Use With This Day

How Is It With Your Soul (Director Guide) - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426738326
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Published December 2010

How Is It With Your Soul? is a complete, stand-alone session guide for use by pastors and directors of Wesleyan Class Meeting groups to train Class Leaders. The ten training sessions are designed to create group support among the Class Leaders and also strengthen the relationship between the pastor or director and the Class Leaders they oversee. Dr. Denise Stringer, author of How Is It With Your Soul?, developed the Director's Guide for use in providing a training seminar for Class Leaders while in the process of training Class Leaders in her own congregation.

About the Author

Denise Stringer

Denise Stringer graduated from Princeton with a concentration in New Testament and Christian Education. She holds degrees in pastoral care and counseling. Currently she serves a local United Methodist Church in New York. Dr. Stringer is the author of Paul and the Romans, The Kingdom Sayings of Jesus, FaithQuestions: What About the Rapture, and has written for Adult Bible Studies. Her most recent publication is How Is It With Your Soul, a companion piece for class leaders and program directors to be used with This Day.