Slice of Life Worship Dramas Volume 1 - eBook [ePub]

Slice of Life Worship Dramas Volume 1 - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426739262
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Published December 2010

Slice of life dramas are a tool to capture the imagination of viewers and communicate good news by telling stories that mirror real life. Slice of Life Worship Dramas (Volume 1) contains fifteen short, ready-to-use drama scripts that focus on moments in time and emotions to which people can relate. Themes in volume 1 include second chances, courage, doing good, forgiveness, love, spiritual growth, anxiety, kindness, God’s provision, truth, and more. The DVD included in this book contains live performances of twelve of the dramas, as recorded by the Wooddale Church media staff.

Slice of Life Worship Dramas also contains helpful hints to assist in launching a drama ministry, working with church leaders, building a team, choosing scripts, and running effective rehearsals.

"Read these scripts, and you will be impressed. Hear these stories, and your heart will be touched. Experience these dramas on the stage, and you will be changed."Leith Anderson, PastorWooddale Church, Eden Prairie, MN

"These dramas contain a rare combination of humor, reflection, insight, and development of theological thought that fit in almost any worship context."Dan Collison, Worship Arts PastorWooddale Church, Eden Prairie, MN"Great dramas for worship services are like appetizers before a special meal. Slice of Life Worship Dramas is filled with humorous, powerful, keen dramas that set the table for the main course. I have used many of these stories for my sermons."Joel K. Johnson, Senior PastorWestwood Community Church, Excelsior, MN"Touching our emotions in a short drama is difficult, but Shelly has mastered the art. Slice of life dramas help people feel the truths they long to understand. These short dramas are authentic and create beautiful pictures for the pastor to develop with the sermon."Mark Hostetler, Director of Crosswalk MinistriesCross of Glory Lutheran Church, Brooklyn Center, MN

About the Author

Shelly Barsuhn

Author of 8 novels, and a marketing and publicity consultant.