Walking Humbly, Doing Justice

Becoming the People of God

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Walking Humbly, Doing Justice
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Published September 2002

Walking Humbly, Doing Justice relates to Paragraph 162 of The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church. This paragraph expresses the concern of Christian faith for basic human rights and the teaching of the Scriptures to do justice for the defenseless in society.

The resource tells how individuals and congregations have answered the call for justice in their communities and the world. More than a study of social justice issues in our society, this resource will enable congregations to learn how to engage in social justice ministries in the name of Christ. Social justice issues related to race, childhood, aging, women, substance abuse, violence in media, and public health policy are discussed in this volume. No political agenda is advanced; rather, participants are invited to see how they can be engaged in doing justice-in a spirit of humility and compassion.

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