The Sermons of John Wesley

A Collection for the Christian Journey

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The Sermons of John Wesley
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Published August 2013

Sixty Wesley sermons organized in a way that leads to Christian discipleship and formation.

A new and engaging collection of sermons that embraces the historic 44 sermons that John Wesley approved, plus the 8 more of the North American collection (52 sermons) and to this is added 8 sermons, carefully chosen, to fill things out for contemporary interests resulting in a grand total of sixty sermons.  Each sermon (which employs the text from  the Bicentennial edition of Wesley’s works) is preceded by a brief introduction and an outline. The sermons are arranged in accordance with the order of salvation displayed in the key sermon, “The Scripture Way of Salvation,” from creation to the fall through justification and every step along the way culminating in the new creation. The purpose of this collection is to foster vital Christian formation for all of its readers.