Three Simple Questions Youth Student Book

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Three Simple Questions Youth Student Book
Paperback ISBN: 9781426742606
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Published December 2011

Explore three basic questions of faith that have profound, life-changing answers.

In the midst of a world torn apart by division, anger, hatred, and violence—which have become contagious and even invaded the church—these three simple questions can help to redirect us back to a path of faithfulness to Jesus Christ, helping us to live more Christ-like lives.

In three brief and engaging chapters, youth will gain new understanding of who this God of love is, who we are as sons or daughters of this God, and who we are as members of the whole human family and the living body of Christ in the world. In the process, they will discover the greatness and goodness of God, the value of every beloved child of God, and the impact we can have in the world when we live as Jesus lived.

Each chapter concludes with a simple spiritual practice to help youth remember and respond to what they have read, followed by a prayer.