A Moment with God for Volunteers - eBook [ePub]

A Moment with God for Volunteers - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781426744662
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Published June 2011

If you love the title, you'll love the book -- and if the title isn't your cup of tea, you'll still love this book! The latest in a series of books of everyday life meditations, this one for volunteers is just wonderful. Down-to-earth, short prayers filled with humor and a true understanding of the diversity of volunteering today. One small page for each of 58 different types of volunteer work, from Coaching to Being a Designated Driver to Gleaning a Harvest. If you have to inspire a group at the start of a work day or give the benediction at a recognition event -- here's your resource. Non-sectarian but with one brief Bible quote per page.

About the Author

Lisa Flinn

Lisa Flinn, a former high school teacher, currently is a freelance writer and the author or coauthor of several books, including A Moment with God for Teens, Creative Ways to Offer Praise, Hooray for Children's Church, and Making Scripture Stick. She lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina.
Ms Flinn, along with Barbara Younger are the authors of a number of books, including Sing It, Say It, Make It, Pray It and Other Ways to Write God's Word on Your Heart.